Episode 11: Author, Susanne Stich From Nuremberg To Northwest Ireland, Part 1

Imagine being born and living as a sensitive child in Nuremberg in the 1980s who thoroughly absorbed the second-hand trauma of World War II. Add into the mix the fact that your Father is entirely deaf as a result of an air raid. So you learn to communicate with him by writing notes; a formative experience that Susanne Stich is sure contributed to her becoming a writer in her adult years.

Susanne’s youth and creativity were deeply affected by her immediate city environment but also by frequent trips to the German forests and the Alps. Yet her coming of age experiences found her in my home town of Dublin, Ireland.

She writes beautifully in English and her insightful mind and creative output are intricately connected to parts of Ireland, especially the Northwest, where she has lived since 2000.

Susanne’s interview is punctuated by thoughtful commentary about the impact of history, family, environment, water and creativity.