Episode 16: Author, Byddi Lee, From Armagh to Belfast, California & Back (Part 1)

Today’s guest is Byddi Lee – an Armagh based author, who has lived in Canada, South Africa, Paris and California before settling back in her home town of Armagh in Northern Ireland. 

Her first novel, March to November, was written while in California and helped ease her homesickness.

Byddi’s Rejuvenation Trilogy has been rated one of the best lockdown reads of the year by the Belfast Telegraph. She has also published flash fiction and short stories and is the co-founder of the spoken word event – Flash Fiction Armagh.

Byddi has co-written the play IMPACT – Armagh’s Train Disaster – with Malachi Kelly and Tim Hanna. Plus she teamed up again with Tim and Malachi to write and stage on Zoom – Zoomeo & Juliet – and – Social Bubble, Toil & Trouble.