Episode 3: Author, Jan Carson, Part 2 East Belfast, The Republic of Ireland

Jan Carson has made East Belfast her base for a number of years now. Discover how these terraced streets play muse to this award-winning author.

Listen to Jan as she describes how this place is bursting with material for her as an author. Learn how being in the middle of this closely-knit community triggers her creativity.

Jan also talks about her first serious writer’s block and how she managed to resolve it. In fact, she did so in a way that resulted in a book.

We also discuss the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on Jan: a person who only spent around one-third of the year in her own home in 2019. Discover Jan’s connection with the communities that she has become involved in the south – the Republic of Ireland.

This episode of Creative Places & Faces is sponsored by the Property Insurance Centre.

The transcription with images is available at Travel Inspires – Exploring East Belfast with Jan Carson.