Episode 4: Glass Artist, Andrea Spencer: Ballintoy and the Causeway Coast

Andrea Spencer is a Glass Artist who makes beautiful works of art from glass. Originally from England, Andrea has been based in a Games of Thrones location in Northern Ireland, Ballintoy, where she both lives and works.

She finds much of her inspiration from nature and delights in investigating natural forms that are then transformed into symbolic objects or abstracted to create images.

As Andrea considers her environment in Northern Ireland, she says, “It is very inspiring and I’ve always been very drawn to spending time in the natural world, especially as an immersive experience, being completely surrounded by nature or being in the water or standing on a precipice or steeped in the changing light, we get an incredible quality of light here that I think is due to the nature of being so close to the coast.”

Andrea also answers questions about the therapeutic value of spending time with horses, what may have triggered her fascination with the natural world, her love of birds both dead and alive.. and much more.

The transcript along with images of the area, Andrea and her work can be found over at Ballintoy and The Causeway Coast with Andrea Spencer.

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