Episode 8: Artist, Helen Sharkey: Strangford Lough and Belfast

For much of her week. visual artist, Helen Sharkey, lives and works on one of 70 small islands dotted along the coast of stunning Strangford Lough. She is based beside a monastic site called Nendrum, which is 5th century, and about four metres from the water up a slight hill on the hill of Nendrum.

When there is a full moon, it creates these amazing, polarised shadows which are one of the many aspects of the environment there that Helen uses in her work.

From Thursday to Saturday, Helen is deep in running her gallery at St. George’s Market in Belfast, and this place brings out a different aspect of Helen’s energy.

Helen uses art to create her own world, It is a world that fascinates her and makes her feel safe  She likens Belfast of the 1970s to be its own form of lockdown.

Discover more about how the magical environment of Strangford Lough influences Helen’s creative output.

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The transcription with images can be seen at Travel Inspires – Strangford Lough and Belfast with artist Helen Sharkey