Episode 14: From Belfast to Australia with Author, Seán Mackel

Today’s guest is Seán Mackel, who writes fiction and poetry as well as being a visual communicator. He won the Kanturk Flash Fiction Prize in 2019, for his first flash fiction, The Silent Mouth. 

Seán has been lecturing and working in graphic design for decades in Australia, Germany and Ireland. 

Here is one of many classic quotes from this part of Seán’s interview: “So I remember that sort of aspect of Belfast, it’s the intimacy of it, the small houses, the tiny spaces, but it was great craic. I mean, Belfast people, I find very creative wisecrackers, you know? Specific to Belfast in particular.”

And another wonderful one about Donegal: “Donegal would have been perceived as like nirvana because of- it’s Gaelic there. And also, it was- in those days, when you cross the border, you know, it was almost like a sense of relief, you know, you’re in the promised land. Even if it was- you know what it’s like, didn’t you? You know it was- like, oh my God, we’re in Donegal.”

This multi-talented man has so many interesting perspectives to share. Don’t miss out on the places or the face!